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                    Welcome to Oseki Maasai Mara Camp
The name Oseki means peace and is derived from the sacred Maasai tree, the Oseki.The oseki is used to welcome people in a peaceful way, ensuring that their stay will be peaceful and happy! Our camp is hidden in the bush about 2 km away from the Masai Mara National Reserve, well known for viewing the migration and seeing the big 5, wild flowers, trees, birds and plenty more! 
So...if you are looking for an escape from your daily life, but still want to engange in fun and adventurous activities then you have found the perfect place! 
Your visit matters
At Oseki Maasai Mara Camp, we strive to work together with the community as much as we can to make life a little easier for everyone. We are passionate about helping both animals as people. Therefore, all of our activities are solemly carried out by local Maasai peoples who are enthousiastic and passionate about their culture and fantastic natural environment. Each of our carefully designed activities has the best interest of both nature and Maasai culture in mind. 
Oseki has the sole purpose of improving the living standard of the Maasai peoples and to bring sustainable Community Development through Responsible Tourism, both socially and Economically.
Through the Camp, we support Community Development (school & church) & we help to create jobs and a steady future. We hope to fight against the privatisation of prolific Maasai land and the dissapearence of wildlife habitat. We have only just started our dream and really want to make a difference to make the environment we live in a better place, cherishing everything that nature has created for us!
Our experiences
We offer plenty of experiences but to give you a glimpse, here's a sneek peak!
We offer safaris, hot air balloon safaris, elephant walks, the Maasai Cattle experience, visits to a traditional Maasai village, beadworkclasses & bush walks. On our bush walks you will learn not only more about the medicinal uses from the plants in the area but also how to track a wild animal in the bush. Our walks are accompanied with traditional bow and arrow & spear throwing classes together with the Maasai to get a truly authentic experience! 

 Taste what life can really be like...
                                         at Oseki Maasai Mara Camp!
Hope to see you soon!
Anne & Dennis
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Rooms, Rates & Directions

Oseki Maasai Mara Camp offers traditional cottages located in the middle in the bush with each their own bathroom and tents which each a bathroom. We offer full board!

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We offer a wide range of activities including walks, hikes, village visits, Maasai dances, safaris, hot air balloon safaris, the Maasai Cattle Experience or a church or school visit

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Full board

Bonfire ina traditional Maasai village


Free wi-fi

Bush walk & Bow & arrow class

Bow & Arrow Class

Elephant walk with Maasai Warriors

Elephant walk

Party venue


Photography             Safaris

We recycle

Pick up & drop off service

Pick up & drop off

Washing (extra fee)

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balloon safari

Meet The Team

Dennis Parmuat

Anne Blom

Solomon Ntirra

Hi! My name is Dennis Parmuat, otherwise known as Shinka. I am a traditional Maasai warrior and Oseki's co-owner and host. It has been my life-long dream to guide people in my area to let them experience our wonderful nature and Maasai culture first hand. 

Hi! My name is Anne Blom and I am Dutch of origin. I studied Eco & Wildlife and African studies at the Unversity of Leiden in the Netherlands. Together with Dennis we co-own and host Oseki Maasai Mara Camp to let people experience the best of the Masai Mara

Hi! My name is Solomon. I am one of Oseki's guides. I love to show your the beauty of the Masai Mara and my people. Are you ready for it? Book us for an experience never to forget!

Things Happen!

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Speak to one of us

Step 3: Our proposal

The perfect journey across the globe is subjective...that's why we are there to guide you with your perfect trip to Kenya!

The perfect trip is a co-creation of all kinds of adventures you have ever dreamt of! In this step we bring your final wishes together to make the Mara an experience of a life-time!

We have designed your trip to the Masai Mara with more than just a breathtaking safari...


On to the next step!!

Step 4: Safari time!

Before you know it, we will take you on a pikipiki through the African bush or you'll meet eye to eye with an elephant  on foot!


Pack your bags & let's go!

Chat to us via our mail, chatbox or app/call one of us via whats'app!

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Come here for an authentic cultural experience.


This camp is run by the Masai tribe and profits benefit the community directly. Everything was customizable and flexible, from transport to activities to payment. I was pleased that every day was organized (even scheduled down time which I used to take a nap in the hammock!) and timings were very prompt. The food was very good - locally sourced and excellent veggies. I have a very sensitive stomach and did not get sick at all!

We chose Oseki for the value (best I could find after hours of researching lodging in the area!), but we got so much more than a good deal. Besides the safari animals and beautiful sunsets, the best part of the visit was bonding with the Masai staff - a group of educated men and women in their 20s and 30s who are passionate about sharing their precious traditions and lifestyle with anyone who will listen, and have dedicated their talents to helping the Masai community flourish.


My husband and I were both tearful when we left. There’s no substitute for this humbling and rich experience.

Rosella Age March 2020 Facebook & google

Home away from home


I am very very thankful for all the arrangements Dennis did for me. From pick up to game drives till drop to airport, everything was just perfect. It was way beyond my imagination and expectations.

Peter Sankai was a brilliant guide/driver/spotter.

Thanks to Dennis & him i spotted all the big fives including a Rhino. The Cheetah chase and kill and then hyenas stealing it was once in a lifetime opportunity. Multiple Leopard sightings with kills up in a tree and a cub was breathtaking. Lions and their cubs playing in the open were just the perfect thing. And finally a Rhino in the serene hills of Mara with no other car present was just the perfect ending.

I am more than satisfied and i enjoyed very much. Planning to visit again. The hospitality and the help got was unrivalled by any.

Also thanks to Mary for the excellent food everyday.
Thanks to Paul for pick up and drops.
Everything was excellent from food, stay, cleanliness, game drives, to pick up and drop to airport. All done with utmost hospitality.

It was really a home away from home

Kudos to your entire team Dennis & Asante Sana


Jeet Dutta January 2020 Facebook & Tripadvisor

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Most authentic Maasai Mara experience!


Even though it's located just outside the national game preserve, the Oseki Maasai Mara Camp provides one of the most authentic culture experiences I have known.

The staff of Maasai from the area will do anything to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. You will leave with a new respect for these incredible people and their culture.

The camp is located on a hillside overlooking the savannah toward the Mara preserve with amazing views of the entire area.

We booked the camp's safari vehicle and guide for a day trip to the preserve. The experience was memorable, including a picnic lunch outside the vehicle under a tree (carefully selected for its sight lines in case any animals came by) with recent elephant footprints and sweeping views of the Mara preserve.

The Oseki camp facilities are spotless, the food is healthy and locally-sourced. The warm friendship of the staff will put you at ease, knowing that fully trained Maasai warriors are guarding the camp at night when you can hear the hyenas and other animals hunting nearby. The camp is on the annual migration route. We're told the best viewing time at that location is August.

The Oseki Maasai Mara Camp is owned by a collaboration of ten Maasai villages in the area. Profits from the camp go back to the collaborative to fund things like the primary school which is just down the hill from the camp

S. Burger March 2020 Tripadvisor




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