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Full board & wi-fi

Oseki Camp offers spacious safari tents with each their own bathroom located in the middle in the bush just 5 minutes away from the Masai Mara NP Sekenani entrance. 


Our rate includes full board & wifi in the main area. You'll be hosted by Maasai from the nearby community. Our project is community based & meant to support the Maasai community. We have used natural & recycle materials for our main area such as river rocks, locally designed furniture & glass bottles in the walls. We hope to continue this vibe with more sustainably build buildings. Thinking cob & clay for the near future!

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Oseki's Mara

Hosted by local Maasai guides

We offer a wide range of self-designed Mara experiences all hosted by Maasai guides such as walking safaris in the form of a bush walk with archery class, (very child friendly) an elephant hike with Maasai Warriors, Traditional Maasai village visits, (photography) safaris, hot air balloon safaris and the unique experience  of ''herding Cattle with Kenya's Maasai.''


Our focus is for our travellers to blend in with the Maasai community & to create more sustainable projects in the future based on community based tourism with a mix of nature conservation & experiencing the Maasai culture first hand, all with a budget in mind!

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Simplicity with a personal touch

Tailor made safaris
both private & for groups

Through your visit
We aim to support the Maasai Community by training local people & supporting the school 

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We keep Local & Sustainable Travel in mind