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Discover an extraordinary off-the beaten track and community based safari experience that will leave you inspired and allows you to engage with the local Maasai community.

Be guided by a local - immerse yourself in the beauty of nature & culture alike

Authentic Glamping or Camping Experience

Through the eyes of a local

Our tents are high quality canvas, beautifully furnished with en-suite facilities, and all the standards amenities and conveniences one would expect from a comfortable accommodation.









Sustainable green travel

& The Maasai Community

As we are community based, our aim is to include the local Maasai community in every way possible.


Each of our self-designed Mara Experience is carried out by a local Maasai of the area to let you experience the best of what the Mara has to offer through the eyes of a local

Learn more about our aim in our story

Family & pet friendly


All ages are welcome with our comfortable family tents and fun entertainment.


Kids, teens & young adults will have the time of their lives and learn about the bush. A unique experience for the entire family!

Photography or film safaris

Wildebeest migration & big 5 Safaris
Check our reviews on the ones that have travelled before you to find out about our amazing guide and driver Lawrence, we are happy to inform you that he is a true pro when it comes to photography/film safaris!

Minimizing our footprint

Loyal supporters of Sustainable travel practises 

The biggest challenge facing mankind is sustainability but Oseki is part of the solar power generation.


By using solar panels we can capture the ultimate source of renewable energy, the sun.


We also aim to make use of the ''just dig it'' concept soon & we collect rain water whenever we can.


 Click here to learn more about the concept of ''Just dig it''





Your own Mara Adventure Through the Eyes of a Local & contact us direct via whats'app or e-mail.


Dennis: +254714078970

Anne: +31617206539

Sustainable travel

Oseki has a focus & attention to the economical, social and environmental issues of the Maasai peoples and the environment.


By picking us as your choice of travel we aim to improve the experiences of travellers by offering a taste of local expertise whilst also harboring a focus on the needs of the host community.

Eat healthy with a mix of local & international cuisine

Slowly we are becoming more self-sustainable, off the grid & green with solar panels & a generator as a back up during cloudy days. Own planted greeneries, eggs from our own chickens & milk from our own milk cow.


Choose us and we can continue our dream to build a beautiful nature inspired accomodation with more Local Mara Experiences to come!

Spend time on the Maasai mini farm

Step for step we will build a green & sustainable future on 5 hectares just outside the gates of the Masai Mara.


We value animal rights immensely and our animals have a free range on the grounds.


We currently have cows, goats, sheep, chickens, 2 dogs and a pig. We hope to add/rescue more animals in the future to give them a safe & happy home

Family Safari Package

+ bushwalk with archery class - 3 nights

Choose from one or 2 full day safaris

'' Through the eyes of a local edition''

Safari Experience Oseki Camp

7 nights - 2 pax Professional photography safari

+ a bushwalk with archery class and medicinal plant tour & an elephant hike with Maasai Warriors

''Through the eyes of a local edition''

Giraffe entangled

Family & friends Safari package + bushwalk with archery class - 3 nights

Choose from one or 2 full day safaris

''Through the eyes of a local edition''

Lions at Oseki Camp

Private big 5 or Wildebeest Migration Safari for two - 3 nights 4 days

+ Walking Safari with Maasai Warriors

''Through the eyes of a local edition''

leopard Oseki Big 5 safari


Rooms Rates Directions

Full board & wi-fi

Oseki Camp offers spacious safari tents with each their own bathroom located in the middle in the bush just 5 minutes away from the Masai Mara NP Sekenani entrance. 


Our rate includes full board & wifi in the main area. You'll be hosted by Maasai from the nearby community. Our project is community based & meant to support the Maasai community. We have used natural & recycle materials for our main area such as river rocks,

locally designed furniture & glass bottles in the walls.


We hope to continue this vibe with more sustainably build buildings. Thinking cob & clay for the near future!

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Oseki's Mara


Hosted by local Maasai guides

We offer a wide range of self-designed Mara experiences all hosted by Maasai guides such as walking safaris in the form of a bush walk with archery class, (child friendly) an elephant hike with Maasai Warriors, Traditional Maasai village visits, (photography) safaris, hot air balloon safaris and the unique experience  of ''herding Cattle with Kenya's Maasai.''


Our focus is for our travellers to blend in with the Maasai community & to create more sustainable projects in the future based on community based tourism with a mix of nature conservation & experiencing the Maasai culture first hand, all with a budget in mind!

Need more information? See below! 

Oseki's Travellers choice award Tripadvisor
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Tailor made safaris
both private & for groups

Tripadvisor award Oseki camp

Simplicity with a personal touch

Through your visit
We aim to support the Maasai Community by training local people & supporting the school

Elephant hike with Maasai Warriors.JPG
Spotting animals on foot.JPG
Migration 2.JPG

the beaten track Masai Mara Travel Experiences
Design your own package

Design yourself or contact us for more info

We keep Local & Sustainable Travel in mind


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

These are some members of our team - all ready to share their knowledge and passion with you. Each member is part of the Maasai Community and has been trained by us, through following an education or by engaging in previous work-related jobs. Each of our team members will take great care of you during your stay with us. 

Ready for an adventure? Read our testimonials

Savannah 2.jpg


Smart, loyal & protective


Part of the Oseki family


Sweet & cheeky



Smart, Cheeky & always in for a treat!


Come Here For An Authentic Cultural Experience.

This camp is run by the Masai tribe and profits benefit the community directly. Everything was customizable and flexible, from transport to activities to payment. I was pleased that every day was organized (even scheduled downtime which I used to take a nap in the hammock!) and the timings were very prompt. The food was very good - locally sourced and excellent veggies. I have a very sensitive stomach and did not get sick at all!

We chose Oseki for the value (best I could find after hours of researching lodging in the area!), but we got so much more than a good deal. Besides the safari animals and beautiful sunsets, the best part of the visit was bonding with the Masai staff - a group of educated men and women in their 20s and 30s who are passionate about sharing their precious traditions and lifestyle with anyone who will listen, and have dedicated their talents to helping the Masai community flourish.


My husband and I were both tearful when we left. There’s no substitute for this humbling and rich experience.

-Rosella Age March 2020 Facebook & google

Our Awards
& partners

Oseki's Tripadvisor Traveller Choice award
Oseki's Award
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Oseki: airbnb superhost award
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