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   Herd cattle with Kenya's Maasai

The Maasai herding and cattle experience is perfect for families, couples, single travellers or groups of friends. The ''herd cattle with Kenya's Maasai is an unique experience in the Masai Mara. With this experience, we hope to support the farmers and Maasai herders with their cattle and to support their families. Cattle is very important in African families. For the Maasai, it provides a reliable form of income and it serves as a back-up support system, in order to support their families or as a pension. Cattle is not only used for meat and milk but also for shoewear, clothing, decoration, masks and making jewellery.

On this experience, you will learn everything about how to survive in the bush, under the guidance of a Maasai warrior and Maasai herders. You will learn what the Maasai lifestyle is like and what their daily activities look like. Activities can range from learning how to milk a cow or a goat to how to keep cattle safe in the bush from possible attacks from wild animals. This experience includes a lot of cultural background information, as many stories will be told along the walk. You will also learn how to treat sick or injured animals with tradition Maasai bush methods. If you are open for it, a Maasai ceremony will be held for you to thank you for your stay.


If there is an opportunity, we invite a local vet over to come help or we can walk towards the market where you can see where new cattle is being bought and sold. It is truly an unique experience and it allows you to really spent time with the local people. You will be invited over in their homestead for a cup of tea or coffee to really blend in in the Maasai lifestyle.

RATE: 20 dollars half day

DURATION: 2-3 hours


*25% of the rate (per person) goes to the community

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