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                               VISITING A MAASAI HOSPITAL


                           Often, rural Kenyan hospitals have to treat people with only little resources and

                 facilities. This experience does not only allow you a visit to a nearby Maasai

                 rural hospital but let’s you experience reality. As we travelers, often come from

                 countries were we have little to complain and forgot what it is to have to live

                 without the basics, a visit to a Maasai hospital can be intense, yet worth your while!

                 We hope to educate the people about health, taking the necessary pre-cautions,                                about safety and to not wait too long before asking help.


                 As we all might know, AIDS and HIV still play a large role in Africa.                                                   People are still getting infected or are not taking the necessary pre-cautions.                                     Therefore, education is important so the next generation does not need to get healed.                        

                 As young girls sometimes still get pregnant without having finished their schooling,                           thus losing their chance on further education. Another problem is circumcision, which                         is a traditional ritual to change from a girl or boy into an grown-up is still common among                   the Maasai. Even though some girls choose to be circumcised in order to be purified and                     to become a respected grown-up, they often do not yet fully understand what this choice                   entails. In some cases they are even forced to. Either way, the chance of getting                               infections are high not to mention the risk of dying at an early age.


                 Oseki Maasai Mara Camp hopes to be able to make people’s lives a bit easier in the                           future in which your visit can make a difference. Ideally we hope that the state will once                     start caring about their people, providing the care and facilities that are necessary for the                   people to be able to survive. We do not ask anything for a visit to a Maasai hospital, but                     hope that you can find it in your heart to donate something.


                   Many thanks in advance!


                                                Anne & Dennis


                 * Note that:  This experience is for free.                                                                                                            A donation is always welcome!  

                 This experience does not need to be pre-booked online but just let us know that

                 you're interested in participating!



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