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What we have achieved so far

We started together in 2018 with only a dream and a 4x4 paid off from working extra alongside my studies of African languages & cultures in Leiden, the Netherlands. Just before the pandemic started we had accomplished 5 hectares of land to build a safari camp on & then the 2 year drama started. However we did not want to put our little heads in the sand and we continued to build, now separated from one another for a couple of months. Anne in the Netherlands working an extra job and Dennis in Kenya mapping out Oseki's first structures. Together we designed the place and adding a new tent structure every month to keep things going and continue our dream. 


As we did not want to let anyone go in the pandemic, the extra job was much needed to keep everything going as planned. As the pandemic hit the international travel industry hardest, we decided to help out those in need the most having lost their jobs and not having any cattle to back them up - having opted for a full settlement structure instead of living a strict nomadic life only. 

We were able to help out 500 households (see some pictures on instagram) with extra blankets & a food package during the pandemic for the first 6 months of the pandemic together with Naivas Supermarket and some that we consider to be our Close Oseki friends. With a special thank you to Frank, Sigrid & Nikki & everyone else who has contributed! 

After 6 months the country started to open up a bit by bit again. 

Then our next big project has been with a very kind Dutch couple (Wilma & Hubrecht from the Netherlands) who have a project called  Corja and heard about a girl's dorm room that has burned down in Nkineji, about 45 minutes away from us. Together with their kind donation we have managed to build up the dorm room again - which was almost completely stripped from the fire.

& thanks to Farith, who has donated KES 600.000 on books for Nkineji school as well! And Corinne who has helped sponsoring a child for 4 years now allowing her to go to school. 

We have even been filmed and came on French tv France 24 to raise awareness to the food project!


What we hope to achieve:

- Environmental awareness as in Kenya people struggle to keep their natural environment clean.

- We would love to have public bins & a proper structure of taking care of public waste material.

- Improvement of clean & accessible water. 

- Further sponsoring children with their school.

- A volunteering project that includes working at the local school and balances this with nature

   conservation. Addressing it to the youngest of our generation, preparing them for a brighter


- Small scale agriculture in the form of raised flower beds. 

- Teaching the Maasai how to live sustainable lives starting with the children. Thinking about letting the schools include their children in learning how to do small scale agriculture, making honey & a possibility of pig farming and of course continuing and valuing their own lifestyle of keeping & herding cattle. Seeing how we can maximize results!


If you are or if you know someone that could help us achieving these results, please don't hesitate to contact us! Through tourism, we are always keen to start a project beneficial to the local community and/or the environment. 


Your visit matters! 

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