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A visit to a local Maasai Village

Visiting a local Maasai village will allow you to experience the Maasai culture at its best. The people will sing and dance for you, songs and dances that are hundreds of years old! They will perform various dances for you. This experience is very interactive, as we hope you will dance and jump along. After the performance, they take you into their homestead for a private tour. You will learn everything about the Maasai homesteads, how they are build and why this specific design is chosen. You will be invited into a real Maasai home and to the market place for some nice souvenirs. Be prepared to bargain! As that is part of the game...or give one of the Masai the best day ever by saying yes, I do... to the asking price immediatley! 

Also, we will take you to the Maasai blacksmith. He will sing an inspiring song for you and design a bracelet for you on the spot! The Maasai will also show you how to make a fire by only using cow dung, a knife and a piece of wood!

Duration: 2-3 hours

Rate: 25 dollars per person

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