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Your ultimate guide to Wildlife Adventures in the Masai Mara

Explore our comprehensive Masai Mara Safari FAQ page to find answes to commonly asked questions about planning, booking and experiencing an unforgettable Masai Mara adventure whilst staying with us, at Oseki Maasai Mara Camp. From wildlife viewing to to travel logistics and reasons on why to choose us, Oseki's FAQ page provides a valuable insight to help you make the most out of your Masai Mara experience! 


Do you offer packages or other safari destinations besides the Masai Mara?

Yes we do, packages for families, groups of friends, special wildlife photography packages, honeymoon packages & more!

We can also aid you for with arranging your trip to the Amboseli, Naivasha or Nakuru. All our trips are private but can be done in groups as well. 

Besides the Masai Mara we also offer trips in Siana Conservation park and horse riding safaris in Olerai Conservancy. Siana is well known for her elephants and giraffe. The park entrance fees are lower.    Please check our brochure for more info.


What is the price of a safari? 

Besides park entrance fees (See below) we charge $175-$200 per 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser per day. The park fee is only paid once going on a safari. 


How much are the park fees and do we pay them every day?

The Masai Mara has changed the park fee since 2024.

High season: $200 per non-resident adult

Low Season: $100 per non-resident adult

For children it is $50 per child.                                          Children up to the age of 3 for free


What is the difference between High & Low Season?

High Season

PRO'S: Wildebeest migration & crossing. Great photography conditions. Mostly cool & dry weather but windy in August at night. Less dense vegetation thus better wildlife viewing. Plenty of predator/prey interactions. 

CON'S: Higher park entry fees. Needs to be booked well in advance. Might be more crowdy. However the higher park entry rates are trying to avoid this. Not many migrant birds around. 

Low Season

PRO'S: Green season and most scenic landscapes with great light for photography , lots of new born animals around, less crowdy which makes each wildlife interaction more special. 50% discount on park entry fees. Lots of migrant birds around. Plenty of predator/prey interactions. 

CON'S: It can rain sometimes so this might interfere with the roads. 

This completely depends on what you are looking for to experience. Do you want to safe money on park entrance fees or has it always been your dream to catch the wildebeest migration or see lots of young animals in the wild?


How do you benefit the Maasai Community?

Which each booking made, $2 per person per booking is saved for educational purposes for local Maasai children of the Sekenani and Nkineji area. Please do take a look at our Maasai child fund page. Another dollar is saved up to help stray animals with vetinary help each month. It might not seem much but it is a start! 

​Also, of course all of our staff is Maasai of origin. We work together with local people for 99% only 1 of the owners is Dutch but she has been travelling to Africa since she was 19 years old!

​We work together with only local Maasai for our safaris. Trying to create as many freelancer & long-term jobs in the area as possible!

​We support one of the local Maasai schools whenever we can financially and we are on our way to create a long term stay project that engages in both conservancy as community work. 

​Browse our website for more information or download our brochures. 

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What Our Clients Say

Google Reviews Eric Borremans

Oseki Camps: Google reviews
Oseki cultural camp is a truly enchanting place to stay. The charmingly furnished tent provided a comfortable haven with its spacious and cozy bed, while the well-equipped bathroom, complete with a refreshing shower and reliable hot water, ensured a pleasurable stay. The heartwarming experience at Oseki extends beyond the accommodations.
The restaurant exudes warmth, not just from its inviting ambiance, but also from the genuinely friendly and attentive staff who infuse the atmosphere with Maasai authenticity. Manager Dennis, alongside his brother Jackson, goes above and beyond to make guests feel at home. Chef Willy crafts an array of delectable and diverse dishes, adding to the authentic culinary experience.
The genuine hospitality extends to the entire team, including Kiu and Kevin, who take pride in ensuring a memorable stay. The breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets provide the perfect backdrop to this special place, but it's the warmth, kindness, and authenticity of the staff that truly make Oseki cultural camp an unforgettable and cherished experience, one that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Monica - Airbnb

Philomath, Oregon

Rating, 5 stars

September 2022

Stayed a few nights

I spent A LOT of time researching ethical safari camps before our stay at Oseki. I wanted us to stay at a camp and go on safari with a company that is engaged with and giving back to the local community, involved in conservation efforts in Maasai Mara, and that offers authentic cultural exchange opportunities. And, of course, we wanted to stay at a place that is attractive, clean, comfortable, quiet, and has great food. This was a lot to ask, I know, but Oseki delivered at the absolute highest level on all accounts! The owners/managers and staff at Oseki are outstanding at their work – they are attentive, genuine, and professional, and we felt completely welcome and at home.


I’ve been on many safaris in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi, but I learned far more on our Oseki safari than on previous safaris, thanks to our knowledgeable guides. But our stay with Oseki was not merely about wildlife viewing. We also had the opportunity to learn about indigenous plants and their medicinal and everyday uses (e.g., toothbrush, deodorant), Maasai culture (from a village visit and chatting with Maasai staff at Oseki), and archery and spear throwing (taught by a Maasai elder and warrior).


And always, at the end of the day’s activities it was wonderful to relax and enjoy the view from the veranda or hammock, watch and play with the resident dogs and pig, and chat with other people staying at the camp. We have so many fond memories of our 3-day stay at Oseki. If we have the good fortune to return to Maasai Mara in the near future, there is only one place we would consider staying – Oseki camp, of course!

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