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Our Journey - Our Concept - Our Future Plan

At Oseki Maasai Mara Camp, we strive to work together with the community as much as we can to make life a little easier for everyone. We are passionate about helping both animals as people. Therefore, all of our activities are solemly carried out by local Maasai peoples who are enthousiastic and passionate about their culture and fantastic natural environment. Each of our carefully designed activities has the best interest of both nature and Maasai culture in mind. 
Oseki has the sole purpose of improving the living standard of the Maasai peoples and to bring sustainable Community Development through Responsible Tourism, both socially and Economically.
Through the Camp, we support Community Development (school, clinic & church) & we help to create jobs for local people in the hopes of a steady future. We hope to fight against the privatisation of fertile & rich Maasai land and the dissapearence of wildlife habitat and biodoversity in the Masai Mara. We have only just started our dream and really want to make a difference to make the environment we live in a better place, cherishing everything that nature has created for us! 

What is impact travel? and why choose to be a part of it

Impact travel, also known as sustainable travel or responsible travel, is a type of tourism that focuses on minimizing the negative impacts of travel on the environment, local communities, and economies, while maximizing the positive benefits. There are several compelling reasons to choose impact travel:

1. Environmental Conservation

Minimize the environmental footprint of travel by joining in on sustainable practises. We are going to soon focus on the preservation of natural habitats close to us by introducing an experience which allows you to plant a tree or dig a bund which helps to cool down the earth! ( for more information. 

2. Support for local communities

Impact travel often supports local communities, economies and cultures. By choosing locally owned accomodations, restaurants and tour operators, travelers can directly contribute to the economic development of the destinations they visit. At Oseki, we help to create employment opportunities and support local artisans and businesses. 

3. Ethical Wildlife Experiences

Oseki valus ethical wildlife Experiences and advocates for responsible wildlife tourism., promoting only ethical encounters with animals and ecosystems and strongly discouraging unethical encounters. This includes avoiding experiences that potentially harm or exploit animals and includes being in support of local conservation efforts. 

4. Cultural Exchange and Understanding

Not only will you be hosted by members of the Maasai community, also one of the co-owners has been born and raised in the Masai Mara. We offer a wide range of activities such as homestays, cultural tours and community based tourism initiatives so that our travellers can gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity in culture and tradition while supporting the preservation of local heritage. 

5. Long-term Sustainability

Through supporting impact travel, future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit too. Thus come and help preserve the beauty and integrity of destinations for years to come!

6. Personal Fulfillment

Many travelers find that impact travel provides them with a more meaningful and fulfilling travel experience. By contributing to positive social and environmental initiatives, travelers can develop a deeper connection to the places they visit and leave a positive impact. This ngains a sense of satisfaction from knowing that their travel choices have had a positive impact!

Thus by choosing impact travel, individuals can make a positive difference while enjoying rewarding and meaningful experiences! 

                                                 Oseki's concept

Our concept is that our travellers can create their own Maasai Mara adventure. We can easily tailor make your journey to your wishes. We offer a wide range of activities which we call experiences, all whom focus on the Maasai culture and the nature in the area, completely personalised and with the best for the local community in mind. We base our concept on community-based ecotourism, where both parties (nature & culture) benefit from a visit. We think it is important that our travellers know what to expect so we can really offer them an honest adventure of a lifetime!

So please check out our experiences & contact us if you need some help!
Shinka Parmuat, co-owner of Oseki Camp, Masai Mara



About Dennis

My name is Dennis Shinka Parmuat. I was born in Sekenani village, just a mile from one of the Seven wonders of the world, famously known as, the ''Maasai Mara''. I have been working in this industry for 7 years, now ready to start my own camp in the Mara. I am trained as a true Maasai warrior myself and have lived in the jungle and the bush all my life.
The bush is what I am passionate about. I am a skilled tracker and guide and I love to entertain my guests on walks, game drives and during our other experiences, willing to go the extra mile and happy to show people the natural and cultural wonders of Kenya and the Masai Mara!


About Anne

Jambo! My name is Anne and I have a passion for nature & culture. For me, it's the little things in life that make a difference... I have studied eco & wildlife in Velp in the Netherlands and African languages and cultures at Leiden University. I have travelled a big part of the world and on one of my travels I obtained my official guiding certificate in South Africa (FGASA level 1) which allows me to guide guests in wildlife reserves. My goal is to bring nature and people together.
Besides being co-host and co-owner of Oseki Maasai Mara Camp, I deal with bookings, sales and marketing side of the camp. 
Check out our set of experiences to find the best match for your upcoming travels to the Masai Mara! We would love for you to make a difference by visiting us down the Mara! 
Anne - co-owner of Oseki Mara Camp

Our motto:  ''Don't call it a dream, call it a plan!

See you soon!
Dennis & Anne

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